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The organization relies entirely on private donations from those generous people who share in this mission and have a passion for making sure people in the community do not go to bed hungry.

Grace2Griddle is a 501(c)(3) not profit corporation.

On a regular weekly basis in the summer Grace2Griddle supports another local ministry, BOGG Ministries, and provides hot meals at the BOGG cookouts which are attended by locals in the various communities and patrons of BOGG’S mobile food pantry. 

Grace2Griddle is also called upon by the community to cook for pop up events or more particularly when there is a local disaster such as the tornados of Memorial Day weekend of 2019.


Grace2Griddle was founded by John Stachler and Sean Harmon in 2018 after it became apparent that even though the economy was booming , there was still a segment of the population that suffer from food security issues.

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